Malka Cotton - Red Chambray
Malka Cotton - Red Chambray
Malka Cotton - Red Chambray
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Malka Cotton - Red Chambray

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Content: 100% cotton
Origin: India
Width: 47 inches/ 114 cm
Weight: 100gsm/3oz
Drape: light and airy (100 gsm)

This cotton is naturally dyed, handloom, pure Malka cotton fabric from India. Malkha is pure cotton cloth made directly from raw cotton in the village close to cotton fields and combines traditional Indian principles of cloth making with modern small-scale technology. The colors that the natural dyes impart to the Malkha fabric are deep and vibrant and vary from season to season, the position of the sun and the quality of the water in the nearby river. A "handloom" fabric is woven on a pit or frame loom that is used to weave cloth without the use of any electricity.

Pattern suggestions: tops, dresses or skirts such as Hinterland dress, Strata top, or Estuary skirt.  

Please note: Due to the hand dyed and woven nature of this fabric some irregularities in weave and print can occur, including slubs or "blurriness" of the pattern.  These are not flaws but part of the unique process under which your fabric is made. If you want the natural dyes to remain vibrant, we suggest you skip dry cleaning, laundry detergent and if you are able, even a washing machine. Use a non-detergent soap if you must or just give it a quick hearty rinse in cold water.

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