About us

Sandalwood Fabrics was founded after a short time spent working and living in New Delhi, India for a small, ethical clothing and accessories brand.  Already having a passion for fair trade and unique, handmade textiles, I dove headfirst into the world of Indian textiles and fell in love with their craftsmanship and beauty.  Before I left India, I bought dozens of yards of fabric for myself and my mom to bring back home, knowing the difficulty of finding these unique fabrics in the United States.  

Charlotte - Owner of Sandalwood Fabrics

Once home, I was determined to learn how to make something out of these fabrics and a second obsession was born. I learned how to sew and became fascinated with making my own clothes. Part of the joy of sewing is using a really special fabric, which I'm always on the hunt for both in the US and abroad.  I found there was still a gap in the market for ethically sourced, Indian textiles and high-quality deadstock.  So I found Sandalwood Fabrics as a way to try and fill that gap and offer you a curated collection of fabrics for your home sewing.

All the ikats!

At Sandalwood Fabrics, we have sourced ethically made fabrics from government sponsored cooperatives in India, as well as high-quality deadstock. We believe the weavers who make your fabric should be paid fairly and treated with respect and that deadstock and second hand fabrics are a wonderful way to reduce textile waste.  We have focused our collection on natural fibers that we feel are better for the environment and your skin than synthetics.  Whenever possible, we choose fabrics that are organic and naturally dyed but all of our fabrics use 100% AZO free dyes.

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